Passenger Rights and Obligations

Passenger Rights
In case of delay, the passenger is entitled to stay on board until departure. In the event of an extension of the delay, but also in case of cancellation of the itinerary due to the fault of the shipowner, the passenger can cancel his ticket and is entitled to the refund of the money he paid. Alternatively, he is entitled to cover accommodation and food expenses until departure. In this case, the right to compensation is also included. If a passenger who has “clipped” a ticket is left off the ship due to overbooking, he must notify the local port authority, so that the port authority can either impose an administrative fine or notify the prosecutor to initiate criminal prosecution. Also, in the event of damage on board, the passenger is entitled to either demand a refund of the fare proportional to the distance not traveled, or to remain on the ship until the resumption of the voyage, if this is possible. In these cases, a right to compensation is established.
If, before the ship’s departure, the passenger declares that he does not wish to travel, or that due to illness or other fortuitous event he is unable to board, he is entitled to a refund of half the price of the ticket.
When boarding, the passenger must present his ticket and is entitled to occupy the corresponding seat or cabin indicated on it. If he is not given the agreed seat, the passenger can cancel his ticket and claim compensation, unless the shipowner allocates another similar seat or cabin. In the event that he is placed in a seat lower than that indicated on his ticket, he is entitled to collect the price difference.
During the trip, if the passenger does not have the service that the ship-owning company must provide him according to the conditions of transportation, he can express his complaint to the master or the master of the ship and after the end of the trip he can turn to the port authorities.Finally, passengers traveling with a ferry company are entitled to full compensation in the event of a marine accident (as defined by law).
The passenger is responsible for loading and unloading their vehicle on board. If the vehicle is damaged by the master’s mishandling while on board, the passenger is entitled to compensation from the ship’s owning company.

Passenger Obligations
The passenger should carefully read the conditions mentioned on his ticket slip. The passenger must arrive on board before the scheduled departure time. If he is the owner of a vehicle, then he must be in the loading waiting area 1 hour before departure. In the event that a passenger provided with a ticket does not arrive on time on the ship (until the scheduled departure time), he is not entitled to a refund of the price of the ticket he paid. Compliance with the ship’s regulations and the master’s instructions is the responsibility of the passenger If the passenger disembarks at an intermediate port and not at his final destination, he pays the entire agreed ticket.
A special fare is due for the passenger’s luggage only if it exceeds the volume or weight indicated on the ticket. Passengers must have with them the items they will need during the journey, as after departure it is not allowed to enter the vehicle area. Passengers are also prohibited from transporting explosive, flammable and generally dangerous materials, while they must also comply with Port, Health and Customs regulations.
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