Municipal Library Kythira

Library Kythira
Municipal Library

MUNICIPAL LIBRARY ~ Child and Adolescent

History of
Established in 1983 following the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Cooperative Leivadiou.To 1987 was under the Ministry of Culture and from 1993 onwards supervised by the latter.
The Agency of Children and Adolescents Libraries consists of 8 members, 4 of which are private and the remaining 4 are defined by the Ministry.

General information
• Part of the children's and teenage library organization.
• All operating expenses of the library are covered by the municipality of Kythera for this is referred to as municipal.
The municipal Kythira library includes 7,000 titles and is constantly enriched with new versions. There is plenty of audiovisual material, cd of classical and traditional music, posters of famous Greek and foreign painters and various educational games.
Presented programs educational content children on a weekly basis.
It also works with all of the island's levels of education (from kindergarten to high school) where upon request and selection issues with teachers the presentation progresses.

Action to date
The library boasts today many and various events where highlighting some we can mention:
• Theatrical performances involving children. Usually these events are taking place not after rehearsals but the mood of children and their ability to improvise.
• Various entertainment and educational programs.
• Participation in National and local painting competitions (not talking about the successes, only keep participation).
• Continuous provision of information to students for various tasks in their schools.
• tales Reading in young children.

Location. The library is located in Kontolianika centrally the island, between the villages Karvounades and Livadi.
Tel. Contact: +30 27360 31949
Opening hours: 15.00 - 20.00 except Sunday and Monday.
Contact: Maria Kalligeris.

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