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Antikythira Mechanism

Antikythira wreck, Antikythira mechanism

[pullquote align="left"] The computer of antiquity! It was Astrolabe, Planetarium, Astronomical clock, or maybe something more?[/pullquote]

It took eight months of recovering from the sea of Antikythira the open sea of the Kythira island, to understand this square box that came to the surface along with works of art was something quite special.
Today scientists know that the Antikythira Mechanism, a creation of the second half of the second century BC Is not simply the most complex mechanism of antiquity, nor was similar to the 1300 years that followed. Includes gears, ladders, axes and markers and using known astronomical principles used to determine the exact position of the sun, moon, planets and perhaps, counting the phases of the moon, eclipses and provided give the date when the ancient stefaniton games. Furthermore, it facilitates the teaching demonstration and astronomical phenomena. Besides, he had instructions in Greek, of course, written on the surfaces of the plates and cover.

"The Antikythira Mechanism is an amazing technology analog computer. It's so important for the evolution of technology and the Acropolis for the evolution of architecture, "he says astronomer Seiradakis Mr. John, a member of the International Study Group Antikythera Mechanism, which has been set up to study.
All fragments of the mechanisms that have survived, all 72, are presented in the exibition the Antikythira wreck and with issues related to astronomical parameters and technology of the time of construction. Also the evolution of the study and all models-proposals for the interpretation, operation and its creator: the Apamea Posidonius from Asia Minor or the great Archimedes of Syracuse.

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