Beach Kalami

Beach for demanding!

Kalami beach is located in the center - west of Kythira, and is a small beach. It consists of pebbles and a little sandy beach. The access is from the traditional village of Mylopotamos, in the direction of the monastery of Panagia Orfanis, through a wonderful route between cedars and a wonderful natural landscape. There is limited car parking at the monastery. In the center of the bay of the beach is a sunken cannon that is an attraction.
The beach in the summer season does not have a basic organization. It is located at the end of a steep and steep gorge, and to access it you need to descend from a narrow path to a cliff, which for some is difficult, and shoes suitable for hiking are recommended. The walking time from the monastery is about 15 to 20 minutes. It attracts more young people.

Be careful to avoid going down to the beach by people suffering from height phobia.

General Information
Location: Kalami.
Size: Small.
Organizing: No.
Road network: Gravel road.
Parking: Yes.

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The traditional village of Mylopotamos located west of Kythira and considered one of the most beautiful villages of the island.