Antikythera shipwreck

A fascinating history of 2500 years, our moves so far in Greece and the world solo. Watch this Antikythera shipwreck video in Youtube

Antikythira shipwreck, the time of discovery.

The tour guide response of the needs and requirements of our time, and the strong interest of Greek and international New opinion, created the first comprehensive presentation of the Shipwreck of Antikythira, the most important underwater archaeological site in the world, aimed at comprehensive update together, while making quality the island.

After research and study of the existing materials, a targeted presentation was designed, which enables the user to find concentrated all the material it needs, so easy to fully understand what happened in the past and what is happening today in this important research .
The large volume of material collected in texts and photos, assigned chronologically at times, as well as the creation of all necessary graphic and Animations, so the result is a simple, interesting and above all friendly.

The presentation lasting a few minutes, the user tells the story of an ancient shipwreck, transferring it to the bottom climate, showing all of the major findings from the time of discovery of the wreck, until the current efforts in the most sophisticated equipment.

It is obvious that the research will continue in the coming summer, thus the project Antikythira Shipwreck will continue to be enriched with future discoveries that will certainly bring new interests and highlights the ancient world.

Articles in the Greek media for the project of Antikythira Shipwreck: Antikythira Shipwreck Articles in the Press

Tip: Users of mobile devices and iOS that do not have installed Flash player, can see the same video presentation lasting 7.20" here: Antikythira Shipwreck Video

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