Activities in Kythira

Μονοπάτια πεζοπορίας
Θαλάσσια σπορ
Καταδύσεις στα Κύθηρα

Water sports, Diving, Hiking in Kythira

Kythira have a beautiful, yet unique environment, which immediately impresses those who visit the island for the first time.

The lush vegetation and abundant streams that often resemble mainland, together with the authentic traditional landscape are promised to those who love walking and discovering the hidden treasures of nature following signposted hiking trails.

In the summer season many beaches on the island, other major and other minor guarantees unforgettable holidays. But even if you want something more than swimming, as to make a calm ride a pedalo your family, or tearing waves with skis, here you will find all the facilities for your favorite sport.

The peaks of the island sink gently into the sea, forming beautiful beaches, but in some cases sharply, creating impressive underwater geological formations, beautiful reefs and lively colors, the sea caves of unique beauty that await fans of diving to explore.

sea sports Water Sports

Enjoy the pleasures of the sea by your favorite sport, and pleasant walks in waves.

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hiking Hiking Trails

Discover the magic of Kythira step by step, following wonderful labeled hiking trails.

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Φύση δέντρο Diving

The diving enthusiasts will love the magical depths of the island, and those who want to try for the first time.

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Kythira Sights
Discover the island step by step, see all the sights and beaches!
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Kythira Map

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