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Sweets from Kythira

Fatourada, sweet and delicious local liqueur spirit made from pure raki, cinnamon and cloves. It could be seen as a liqueur of Cythera! Rozedes, sweeter than honey, oblong-shaped, made from almond meal, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, kept for months without losing its wonderful flavor. Diples, differ from the Cretan xerotigana for delicate workmanship that resemble water lilies. Made from natural ingredients with thin crispy sheet of eggs covered by honey dropped from a spoon but not by gender armparorizas, sesame and cinnamon. Paste mill, for lovers of the kernel that needs to be ground very fine in the mill, then covered in syrup which blends with crumb highlighting unique flavor of vanilla. Kumar sweet mouthful size of arbutus berries that have ripened well, exudes flavors awaken the senses. Pastitseta sweet with Venetian origins, which requires the best ingredients: plenty of vanilla, fresh butter, quince jam. Store in sealed container for a long time with the flavor intact. Boutino or else the cake of Kythira. It is creamy dessert originally from Kythera Country. Baked in the oven and made with fresh milk, pure butter, eggs, semolina, sugar, ground cinnamon, raisins and roasted almonds. Melouna very young honeyed sweets, made from the finest materials, honey, almonds, flour and virgin olive oil Kythira. Is fasting.
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