Traditional Bazaar


Local Products Bazaar

Potamos and Livadi
Bazaar in Potamos every Sunday morning
Bazaar in Livadi every Wednesday afternoon

It is truly valuable Joined day, when every one of us has the ability to obtain pure local products.
This is exactly the opportunity given by the two bazaars are in the Livadi every Wednesday afternoon on sumer season, and to Potamos every Sunday morning.
Here you will find fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, all fresh from the orchards and cutting small producers. You will also find honey, local wine, traditional cakes, pies, and even delicious food cooked by housewives of the Kythira island.

Bazaar at Potamos, Kythira

Photo by the Bazaar at Potamos.

The bazaar in the Livadi and to Potamos is a sentence that is certainly worth trying.

Κάστρο Χώρας


The narrow streets of Chora with the traditional houses and mansions, under the big castle.

Market in Kythira
Learn about the famous local products such as thyme honey, oil nuts, and who will get them.