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Painting - Ceramics - Lamps - Jewelry

An art shop in Kapsali Kythera, a group of artists who remain here permanently, and year on the island and deal with different art forms such as painting, ceramics, construction, lighting, jewelry, clothes, furniture. Subversive ideas in a casual atmosphere combined with old and new is not always obvious.
Tables and utilitarian objects, dantikes coexist with modern construction in a constructive dialogue that broadens the horizons of our art and contribute to integration in daily life. Innovative ideas combined with natural materials and artifacts that create a special atmosphere in the room.

A space dedicated to art for those who pay attention to detail.

Γενικές Πληροφορίες
Location: Kapsali.
Opened: Whole year.

Tel: +30 27360 31634
web site:


Το παραδοσιακό χωριό Μυλοπόταμος βρίσκεται δυτικά του νησιού και είναι ένα από τα ωραιότερα παραδοσιακά χωριά στα Κύθηρα.