Bakery Kythira

Bakery Kythira

Bread in the woods, the famous ladopaximado, traditional sweets.

The bakery is located on Kythera Karvounades on the main road.
Open since 1980, always offering top quality products at all.
Here you will find the famous nut oil, bread oven in many species, traditional sweets and a variety of snack.

The famous ladopaximado we will find the Super Market, AB Vassilopoulos and Sklavenitis and at selected shops in Greece.

We make products with zeal, reviving old memories ..

Location: Karvounades.
Opened: Whol year.

Tel: +30 27360 38154


Το παραδοσιακό χωριό Μυλοπόταμος βρίσκεται δυτικά του νησιού και είναι ένα από τα ωραιότερα παραδοσιακά χωριά στα Κύθηρα.