Journey to the tastes of Kythira

Τthe "TRIP TO TASTE of Cythera" was the first step.
This is an effort of old local recipes, but also goods produced in Kythira.
Soon the "Voyage to Cythera flavors" will be released in English.

Then came the photo calendar "Kythira 2008" with classic landscapes of the island, rendered with a particular style.

The "Kythira 2009" unfolded aspects of small island qualify.

Location: Agia Pelagia.



Tel: +30 6972 849663

Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia.
Το παραδοσιακό χωριό Agia Pelagia βρίσκεται δυτικά του νησιού και είναι ένα από τα ωραιότερα παραδοσιακά χωριά στα Κύθηρα.