Airplanes to Kythira

Schedules airplanes to Kythira.

The Olympic Air with daily flights from Athens airport. Also in summer season, responding from some islands to Kythira operated by Sky Express: Kythira - Heraklion, Kythira - Zakynthos - Kefalonia - Aktion - Corfu.

Olympic Air

Schedules from 29-3-2015 to 24-10-2015

Schedules Olympic air

Sky Express

Schedules from 30-3-2015 to 03-4-2015

Schedules Sky Express

Astra Airlines

Schedules from 19-7-2015 έως 29-8-2015

Schedules Astra Airlines
airplane Olympic kythira

Olympic Air

Athens, Kythira
Tel: +30 2103550500, +30 8018010101

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airplane skyexpress kythira

Sky express

Kythira – Heraklion, Kythira – Zakynthos – Kefalonia – Aktion – Corfu.
Tel: +30 80111282828

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airplanes Astra Airlines

Astra Airlines

Thessalonika - Kythira
Tel.: +30 2310 489 392

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Routes to Kythira
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