Villa Lemonia

Villa Lemonia

Villa Lemonia is situated at the center of Kythera island, on a prominent location at Vamvakaradika settlement.
The location it stands in is characterized by outstanding view of the traditional settlement Aroniadika, also in the summer months it offers a bedazzling sunset. The site of the complex favours the exploration of the island and a visit to the most important tourist points to the north and to the south of the island (settlements, monasteries, beaches etc.).
The Papoulias family, out of respect and love for the island, has created an enviable place for vacationing in the countryside. A small hostel for those who will decide to visit Kythera, from June to September seeking something different.
“Like home away from home”.
With the invaluable assistance of the well known architect Constanza Economopoulou, Villa Lemonia combines excellent architectural elements of the island's tradition with the ease, the sweet detail and the modern decoration and aesthetics. The entire complex is masonry in the traditional style and follows the architectural touch of the mansions of old Kythera. It incorporates three big arches and two buildings which blend harmoniously.

Information Location: Vamvakaradika.
Opened: April - October.
Number of apartments: 4.

Distances From Port: 15 km. From Airport: 5 km.
From Chora: 18 km. From the nearest beach: 15 km.


Private terrace
Living room
Nice view

Tel: +30 27360 33552
Mob: +30 6972 406698
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Το παραδοσιακό χωριό Μυλοπόταμος βρίσκεται δυτικά του νησιού και είναι ένα από τα ωραιότερα παραδοσιακά χωριά στα Κύθηρα.