Natural places in Kythira

Natural areas of Kythira

Kythira emerge through three seas, Myrtoo, Cretan and Ionian, reminding that once these two regions were united. Today their legacy creates a natural landscape endowed with unique beauty, rich in flora and fauna. It is no coincidence that the island has the largest selection of herbs and wildflowers, as a large population of birds that use it as an immigration station.

The island is a plateau with a mild Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by steep slopes that attract the eye, in the hinterland terrain lush green valleys formed by trees, lush vegetation and running water that lead to beautiful beaches.

Village Aroniadika Gerakari forest

Location: North.
The beautiful wooded area on the island with pine and eucalyptus.

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Water mills Water Mills

Location: West.
Natural area with rich vegetation, trees, ponds, waterfalls and flowing waters.

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Cavern Cave of Agia Sophia

Location: West.
The largest cave on the island with frescos and the small church of Agia Sophia.

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Olive groves Olive groves

Location: Kythira.
The olive groves are an integral part of the natural environment of the island.

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Beach Kaladi Beaches

Location: Coastlines.
Meet all the beaches, small and large, around the island of Kythira.

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Kythira Map

Kythira Map

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