Monastery Panagia Myrtidiotissa

Panagia Myrtidiotissa the protector of Kythira

The monastery is located west in Kythira and is built near the sea in area pine trees. This is the spiritual center of Kythira and the temple is dedicated to the Virgin Myrtidiotissa considered the patroness of Kythira. The image was found by a shepherd in the 13th century in bilberry so called from the many myrtles having the area. In place of finding the image the poor shepherd built a small chapel and care of it devoted the remainder of his life. After the death of his godly shepherd the care of the small church of Mirtidiotissa assumed the monk Leontius, that with the financial assistance of Kytherians grew a bit the original chapel and built around some cells for the accommodation of pilgrims. But the crowd of pilgrims from different parts created the need for a larger church, and thus began the building of the present church.

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