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Mills in Kythira
[pullquote align="right"]The Mills area with its unique beauty defines the identity of the island from one and the other jewelry that featured as many islands would envy![/pullquote] [spacer size="30"] [quote style="1"]Not many years have passed since the rich vegetation of closed paths carved by human passage and maintained by wild goats, and the area became a sort of secret locations in Kythira, only the stories of the oldest residents of Mylopotamos simply preserved the existence of.[/quote] Water miils in Kythira

Panoramic composition of one of the many ponds and waterfall in the center of the centenarian plane tree in the area of ​​unique beauty Mylopotamos Mills.

[column size="1-2" last="0" style="0"]The Mills is located in the traditional Mylopotamos central and western island of Kythira. The area is a valley with running water that springs gush from the central square, a few hundred feet up the waterfall Fairy and continue their course along the Lagadia, leading to the sea.[/column] [column size="1-2" last="2" style="0"]Throughout the course of Lagadia no running water, which essentially recreates the landscape, forming a pedestal in turn lead to waterfalls, to the downhill course succeeded each other, creating a unique scene of natural beauty amid ancient trees and very rich vegetation. [/column] [quote style="1"]The mill or watermills are not just an environment of great natural beauty, but an example where human activity creatively fill the landscape with an exemplary way for us today. [/quote] [column size="1-2" last="0" style="0"]In the past, plenty of running water made ​​the area place where, with the creation of many mills there. The continuous flow of water and put it through a complex network of ditches leading to the orchards and mills, turned the area into place commercial activity employing hundreds of people every day, from the village who then numbered about 1400 people, but also neighboring villages brought the raw materials we need grinding. There are few reports of elders who lived through those days of glory, for the feast and the celebrations were held there by those who run out at night to continue the next morning's jobs. Even today we see small houses scattered throughout the area, and some even have wood-burning oven in their yards, others are dug into the rock to accommodate the animals. [/column] [column size="1-2" last="2" style="0"] Traditional mill

In the middle of the path the mill of Rere.

Nowadays in relatively good condition 5 mills, one of them has been completely renovated with private initiative, but in general there were about 25 total. [/column] [spacer size="30"] Stone bridge on Mills [pullquote align="right"]The stone arch bridges unite the slopes of Lagadia leaving with their presence today is a rich cultural heritage and the obligation to respect it.[/pullquote] [spacer size="30"] [column size="1-2" last="0" style="0"]Today the beauty of the area makes tourist attraction, bringing it back. But the increasing visibility and Ad should be accompanied by similar precautions and protection continue to be intact and in the future! Caution. Because of outstanding natural beauty of the area, prohibited night, camping and setting fires. [/column] [column size="1-2" last="2" style="0"] General view of the Mills in Kythira

Panoramic view of the area from above.

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  • trevor August 26, 2017, 15:12

    has the mills and waterfall area been destroyed by the fire?

    • Kithera.gr August 7, 2020, 19:57


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