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Agia Pelagia

Amphitheatrically built the seaside village, with excellent organization accommodation.


In the center of the island the traditional village.


Picturesque village with Cycladic architecture.


The island's capital with its Venetian castle.


Panoramic view of the village and the island of poets.


Traditional houses of rural village, central to Kythira.


At the southernmost tip of the island, with two bays forming omega.


Nestled in lush vegetation the houses of traditional village.

Kato Chora

The houses in the castle and the preservable settlement.


The church of the village, at the center of Kythira.


A view of houses of traditional village in the west.

Traditional Villages.

Chora the capital in Kythira is built on a hill beside the large Venetian castle with panoramic views of three islands. In the center and west of the island Mylopotamos is the physical location Mills, with running water, stone bridges and traditional watermills, and is one of the most visited attractions on the island. In the Kato Chora village of Mylopotamos is the Venetian castle of Kato Choras.

Center of the island there is the traditional village Aroniadika, with houses influenced by two main currents of island architecture, the Peloponnese and Crete, in nearby distance and with similar architecture, the Potamos one of the biggest villages in Kythira. To the north of the island is the village Karavas built in the hills between the valley's waters and with trees.

Mylopotamos village Kythira villages

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