Pictures from nature in Kythira

Gorge Paleochora

Small lake in the estuary of the canyon of Paleochora, leading to a small beach Kaki Lagada.


The verdant forest in Gerakaris overlooking the mountains of the Peloponnese.

Plane tree in Lake

The agelong plane tree in the center of the Lake in Mills.

Landscape of Kalamos

Kythira in the spring in the background the Chytra.

Olive groves

The olive trees are an integral feature of the island.


Small picturesque street beneath the pines.

Rock with arcade

Small beach in arcadeon the beach Kaladi.


Magnificent composition with olive grove and the clouds in the sky.


Land with trees and wildflowers in spring.

Waterfall Neraida

As the bath of Aphrodite resembles the lake in the village of Mylopotamos.

The nature of Kythira.

The natural landscape on Kythira charms visitors of the island from the first moment. The rich flora, natural areas such as the Mills in Mylopotamos and Karavas, with springs, streams in vegetation by sycamores. Such ravines and gorges are quite on the island, since the terrain favors the creation of such areas. Most of them end up in the sea, forming beautiful beaches on the island coastlines.

On the island since ancient times, the cultivation of olive trees, beyond the practical living needs that covered, been and continues to be an integral part of the natural environment, completing the physiognomy of the landscape. Impresses alternating landscape of Kythira, through a wide variety of ecosystems, such as forest in Gerakaris by pine trees and eucalyptus.

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