Photos by monuments in Kythira

Agia Moni

The majestic bell tower at the monastery over Diakofti.

Agios Dimitrios in Pourko

The small but beautiful Byzantine church.

Castelo Avlemonas

The Venetian Castelo the input of Avlemonas.

Castle Kato Choras

The main street of the castle, with the houses to survive in good condition.

>Castle Kato Choras

The entrance to the castle with the lion of Venice over the gate.


The largest stone bridge in Greece in Kato Livadi.


The great nautical lighthouse on the northern tip of the island.

Panagia Myrtidiotissa/h4>

The inner courtyard of the monastery dedicated to the patroness of the island.


The region Myrtidia with magnificent monastery.

Panagia Despoina

Old pine in the monastery of the Virgin to the north of the island.

Stone bridge

One of the bridges in the mills in Mylopotamos.

Monuments of Kythira.

Kythira between two of the most important sites in Greece, the Peloponnese and Crete, acquired great strategic importance since the Minoans, as evidenced by excavations in St. George on the mountain with the Minoan peak sanctuary. But from the beginning of the myth with the birth of Aphrodite in the waters around the island, there are many references of the temple of the goddess, the archaeologists of the future will give more details.

The great Byzantine castle of Paleochora the ruins of which survive today, high walls, public works and important Byzantine churches. The period of Venetian rule left behind three castles, country, Mylopotamos and Avlemonas. In the period of British rule constructed schools Milapidias and Mylopotamos and many bridges. A multitude of monuments constitute the topography of the island with magnificent monasteries and churches, stately homes and simple, original folk art, local architecture.

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