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Άγιος Δημήτριος

Agios Dimitrios

Byzantine church of the 13th century, is a synthesis of three temples and is considered very important.



The small harbor with fishing boats in the picturesque fishing village.

Σπήλαιο Αγίας Σοφίας

Cave of Agia Sophia

Hall of magical cave with a pond and impressive colors.



On the north side of the island village amidst lush vegetation.

Παραλία Κομπονάδα

Kobonada beach

Ram-shaped rock in the middle of the beach.

Κάστρο Χώρας

Castle of Choras

The large Venetian castle of Chora the capital of Kythira.



Waterfall with lake natural area in Mylopotamos.

Airport of Kythira.

Located in the center of island. This is a modern airport that meets international safety regulations, and serves daily domestic and international flights.
Contact: Tel: +30 27360 38395, +30 27360 38398, Fax: +30 27360 38039, E-mail: kakctl@otenet.gr.


The main port of Kythira is located in Diakoftis, center-east of the island, operating since 1996 and provides modern facilities.
Contact: Diakofti Port, Tel: +30 2736034222


At Kapsali in the southern part of the island, located marina facilities accommodate 15 tourist boats.
Contact: Kapsali Port, Tel: +30 2736031222

Contact: Agia Pelagia Port, Tel: +30 2736033280

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