The name Kythira

Άγιος Δημήτριος

Agios Dimitrios

Byzantine church of the 13th century, is a synthesis of three temples and is considered very important.



The small harbor with fishing boats in the picturesque fishing village.

Σπήλαιο Αγίας Σοφίας

Agia Sophia cave

Hall of enchanting cave with a pond and impressive colors.



On the north side of the island the traditional village amidst lush vegetation.

Παραλία Κομπονάδα

Kobonada beach

Ram-shaped rock in the middle of the beach.

Κάστρο Χώρας

Castle of Chiras

The large Venetian castle of Chora the capital of Kythira.



Waterfall with lake natural area in Mylopotamos.

About the name of Kythira island.

The name Kythira has deep history rooted. Homer mentions in his epic work, The Iliad, the Kythereia goddess of love nurse, where the goddess Aphrodite.
And other great writers of antiquity refer to the island named Kythira. Among them Herodotus, Dionysus, even Aristotle admits that the island was called Porfyrousa, associated with the treatment of purpura, but in his day called Kythtra, and Xenophon in Greek used the term Kythereia earth.

Isidore geographer of first century AD supported a subversive view that the island was named after Kythereia Venus and not vice versa. In fact, the first time he spoke about the importance of the verb keftho and its relationship with the Goddess and the island. Keftho means hide love, while those who make love on the island (in the part, ie Kythira) discover the hidden erotic passion.
The name of the island is found in the plural, perhaps the existence of adjacent Antikythira. What is the relationship of the two names of the island, Kythira and Cerigo? After studies and research suggests that these two names are interacting, ie either that one identifies with the other or that one creates the other.
It is interesting to mention that in Cyprus there Kythrea region or Kythros where statues of the goddess Venus, while the common name of the region is Jerka, connection and relationship to Kythira - Tsirigo is inevitable!

Concluding, the two names of the island, Kythira and Cerigo have close relationship with each other and go hand in hand in the streets of history. If you yell in the street Kythira, do not think that will turn only the island. Here are the namesake: Kythira is an asteroid that orbits the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, while other flying species bears the name Kythira is a category moth.
With the same name exists there plant species, particularly species of orchids, which brags about its many colors, such as white, red, green or brown. Additionally, the name given to Kythira island of Tahiti (New Kythira) and since the 18th century has been known since the famous paintings of Watteau "Embarkation to Kythira" and "Island of Kythira", but became a movie, "Voyage to Kythira" by Theo Angelopoulos, even singing, Kythira will never find them.

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