Antikythira mechanism

Άγιος Δημήτριος

Agios Dimitrios

Byzantine church of the 13th century, is a synthesis of three temples and is considered very important.



The small harbor with fishing boats in the picturesque fishing village.

Σπήλαιο Αγίας Σοφίας

Agia Sophia cave

Hall of enchanting cave with a pond and impressive colors.



On the north side of the island the traditional village amidst lush vegetation.

Παραλία Κομπονάδα

Kobonada beach

Ram-shaped rock in the middle of the beach.

Κάστρο Χώρας

Castle of Chiras

The large Venetian castle of Chora the capital of Kythira.



Waterfall with lake natural area in Mylopotamos.

GPS from the 2nd century BC!

The first GRS (Global Positioning System), which was built in history, was none other than the famous Antikythira Mechanism. The elaborate mechanism could determine longitude each region and serves to create reliable maps, from the 2nd century B.C. The finding, made ​​by scientists of the Laboratory of Astrophysics of the University of Athens, is of particular importance as the determination of longitude in the western world, formally introduced a few decades after the death of Isaac Newton around the end of the 18th century! Some however, have argued that the method of calculating the longitude were discovered by the Chinese in 1433 AD The longitude is one of two sizes of geographical coordinates for determining the location of sites today, ships, airplanes and even people. The measurement is done based on the prime meridian, which is known to be one who passes through the Greenwich Observatory.

The Antikythira mechanism functioned as a global positioning system.

But in the ancient Greek world of the second century BC Greenwich was neither physically nor the meridian passing vertically from it. The Greek astronomers had identified a meridian which passes from Rhodes and Alexandria, which was used to calculate the distance and the position of various destinations. In this way, with the help of the mechanism, it was possible to create new maps included new regions and to determine exactly where it is located in relation to Greece. Mr Xenophon Mousas, associate professor of physics and director of the Space Astrophysics Laboratory, says new that, the Antikythira mechanism was able to determine longitude various regions utilizing finding the position of the moon in the sky. More specifically, when a ship began to measure longitude at Syracuse or Gibraltar, the navigator mechanism defined in the position of the moon as seen in the sky from where the sail area, say Rhodes. He found that the position of the Moon relative to the position of a bright star that at that time he saw such of Sirius. When after a few days the ship was in Syracuse or in Gibraltar, the navigator measured the difference between the Moon's position in anticipation of the mechanism, showed them where is the Moon Rhodes and the actual position of the Moon in the sky watching. The difference resulting determined the longitude of the area where it was. At each port caught in any country where stood, the navigator would know the difference in longitude of the place where it started. With such a machine could certainly knows exactly not only how far is the part where it goes, and what direction you need to follow in order to not be found elsewhere. According to Mr. O. Moussa, the mechanism used to create maps of the ancient world, who actually portrayed with admirable precision for the season, the positions and distances of countries and continents.

Hipparchus was 1,700 years ahead.

Mr. Charalambos Kritzas, archaeologist and former director of epigraphic museum of Athens, studied the letters are engraved on the mechanism and concluded that it must be built from 150 BC until 100 BC At that time he lived in Rhodes father of astronomy, Hipparchus. The astronomer Rhodes was leading thinker. He estimated the diameter of the moon and the varying distance from the Earth. Moreover he had calculated the variable angular velocity of the Moon which represents precisely the mechanism. This means that if Hipparchus created the device, it was found the second law of Kepler, 1,700 years earlier.

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