Local products



Diples or otherwise avgokalamara, from egg, Kythira honey and sesame.


Olive oil

Delicious olive oil from crops local producers.



The solitary plant with yellow flower that lives forever.



The award-winning honey from thyme, considered one of the best in the world.



Fruit production of the island, prepared in a variety of sweets.

Honey Thyme.

It is the most famous product of Kythira and this is due to taste, since produced from thyme that gives the finest flavor than other honeys. The Tsar of Russia Alexius chose only honey from Kythira! Generally, honey as food of man is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthier foods. Hippocrates and all the doctors of antiquity recommended it as a medicine in many cases. In Kythira among others, there is also the Beekeepers Cooperative Kythira to support producers, improve the product, proper standardization and increased production. You can buy honey from the Association, or by the producers of the island.

Olive oil.

Olive oil the blessed fruit of the olive tree, the peace symbol is the main product in Kythira. The culture has a history of thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean basin. In Kythira will always see large areas of olive groves. The olive variety that thrives because of the good climate is Koroneiki. Bowl of olives (1450 for example), was found in a well in the palace of Zakros in East Crete, shows that since the Minoan period used the fruit of the olive tree in their diet.

Rusks oil.

Whoever tried it for the first time becomes a fan, and this because of their taste and nutritional value. Impressed by the variety of foods that combine the delicious nuts from cookie in beverages such as tea, sage, milk, up into the salad or even plain. In Kythira will find anywhere, either from the ovens of the island, and their producers, either in grocery stores or the Super Market.

Semprevives - live forever.

Semprevives means living forever, called "amaranth Kythera" We find perched on rocky cliffs, though the difficulty to gather even rewarded with a sense of symbolizing eternity. Leaving the island do not forget to take with you to keep forever alive the memory of Kythira.

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