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The Antikythira island located south of Kythira, has an area of ​​21 square kilometers, the ancient name was Aigila Aiyiali. Had strategic position for navigation even if it was small island. Nevertheless maintains picturesque color and has a rich cultural tradition. The island was known from the wreck, with the famous mechanism and the teenager Antikythera.
connected with regular buses to Piraeus, the Githeio Laconia, Kythira, Neapolis Laconia Kastelli Kissamos in Crete.
The Antikythera rooms and a community hostel. For more information please contact the Community and the Police Station on the island. In the two taverns River, taste traditional delicacies such as goat, fresh fish and local wine. Leaving remember to buy local honey, 100% thyme!
Municipal Hostel Antikythera: 27360.33004.
Briefly some of the most remarkable sights in the island is the castle, the temple of Apollo, the watermill Andronicus, the beacon of Apolytaras.

Accommodation in Antikythira
Municipal Hostel of Antikithira: 27360.33004
Sophia: 27360.33040, 6977.870104, 6938.378671
Marika: 27360.38146
Kalkanakos: 27360.33152, 6944602036, 2106826547

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Kythira Map

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