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History, the Antikythira mechanism, the name Kythira.

The history of Kythira goes back to the mists of time, that period where significant changes Joined arrived today as imposing myths, such as the struggle for power between Saturn with the son of Zeus, where the genitals first fell into the seas in Kithira and the foam formed goddess Aphrodite was born.
Homer mentions in the Iliad, the goddess Kythereia nurse of love, making the first historical reference to the origin of the name of the island.

But also other important recent events connected with Kythira, such as finding and recovery of the famous Antikythira Mechanism, and highly statues and artifacts from the shipwreck off Mentor Diakofti.
Even today, the place continues to produce excellent products, such as honey international prizes, unique nuts and other oil products worth discovering.

leo venetian History of Kythira

The history of the island since antiquity, Byzantium, the era of British rule, until our days.

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leo venetian Antikythira mechanism

The famous Antikythera Mechanism, and what was the functions of the.

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leo venetian The name Kythira

Which originated from the name of the island and what are the synonyms of.

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leo venetian Local products

The famous honey from thyme, delicious nut oil, the semprevives living forever.

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