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See the best photos from the island organized in the sections, Villages, Nature, Monuments and Panorama.

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Sections of the villages, the natural beauties, historic monuments and panoramas. KYTHERA PHOTOS

Kythira the beautiful island of Myrtoon sea with traditional villages, the unique natural beauty, important monuments from various historical periods, are the subjects of this photographing presented in the tourist guide of Kythira, so our visitors can obtain a wide viewing the landscape the island, while to form a pleasant first impression of his trip to the island.

Villages of Kythira. he visitor of have the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful villages, watching carefully selected pictures with care for restoration of the traditional environment. For example, mention that many of these photographs have been specially edited to remove items that affect the aesthetics of the landscape, such as bins, pylons and cables etc. The result is obvious and we hope to excite you!
Nature of island. The natural beauty of the island, impress tourists Joined the summer holidays, but also in other seasons too. It is a pleasant surprise the switch of natural landscape, the wide variety of flora and natural places, to see in the photo section Nature.
Monuments in Kythira. A place with reference since the time of the birth myth of Aphrodite, but also with rich cultural presence in over the years has had a number of historical monuments. In the photo section Monuments you will see archaeological places, Byzantine churches and towns, castles, monasteries, Katouni which is the largest stone bridge in Greece, and other monuments with their presence determine the characteristics of the island.
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