Photos from Kythira

agios dimitrios church

Agios Dimitrios

Byzantine church of the 13th century, is a synthesis of three churches and is considered very important.

avlemonas village


The small harbor with fishing boats in the picturesque fishing village.

karavas village

Agia Sophia cavern

Hall of enchanting cave with a pond and impressive colours.

karavas village


On the north side of the island village nestling among lush vegetation.

kobonada beach

Beach Kobonada

Ram-shaped rock in the middle of the beach.

kythira castle

Castle og Choras

The large Venetian castle of Chora the capital of Kythira.

kythira watermills


Waterfall with lake in the natural area in Mylopotamos.

Featured Photos.

Kythira the beautiful island of Myrtoou Sea with the traditional villages, the unique natural beauty, the important historical sites, are the main themes of this photographing presentation of the tourist guide of Kythira, so the visitor to gain wide viewing about the landscape of the island, and parallel to form a pleasant first impression about his trip to the island.

Explore the attractions of the island, seeing selected pictures with great care in restoring of the traditional environment. For example that many of these images have been specially processed to remove objects challenge the aesthetics of the landscape, such as litter bins, columns and cables PPC, OTE, etc. The result is obvious and we hope to excite you!

Village Mylopotamos Photos of villages

See the most beautiful villages and authentic traditional villages of the island, with its particular architectural style.

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Fyri ammos beach Photos of beaches

Discover all the beaches of Kythira overlooking three seas, some are blue flag for its clean waters.

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Nature tree Photos of nature

Enjoy the unique natural landscape of Kythira with rich flora and beautiful valleys with streams.

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Castle Photos of monuments

Learn about the historical monuments such as castles, stone bridges, Byzantine churches and monasteries.

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Kythira map

Χάρτης Κυθήρων

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