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watermills kythira


In the photo above, agelong tree in the area of ​​natural beauty in a mill or mills Mylopotamos, center west of Kythira. The past decades the site has dozens of stone mills for processing products remain today some of them, and arched stone bridges, which beneath the waters flowing from springs, which form in their course ponds and waterfalls, creating a landscape of rare beauty that fascinates visitors. See the full article Mills Mylopotamos Kythira with more photos and information.

Kaladi beach

παραλιες The beach is located east of the island consists of two small bays formed between the Omega and a large rock caves. It overlooks the sea and Myrtoo is the most popular beaches in Kythira.

Castle of Choras

καστρο κυθηρα The panoramic photo in the center of the imposing castle of the country in the southern part of Kythira overlooks three seas, the graphic on the left Kapsali with two bays, and deep in the spectacular rocky Pot compose one of the most beautiful landscapes in Kythira.

Cave Agias Sophias of Mylopotamos

kythira cavern The small lake in the center of the picture, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites in one of the halls of the cave, a tourist route 55th measures. The cave can be visited during the summer season and is guided by guide. See the full article Cave Agia Sophia Kythira with more photos and information.

Byzantine frescoes in the cave

Byzantine frescoes Just a few meters from the entrance of the cave is a stone temple with frescoes of the 13th century depicting the left part of the Hagia Sophia to the daughters, Love, Hope and Faith, and right images of the Virgin Mary, Christ and St. John.

Feloti beach

kythira beach The small beach in the south, with impressive composition of clouds in the center pot.

Kythira Panorama

kythira panorama Panoramic view from louloudismeno spring hill above the Kapsali deep in the Cretan Sea.


karavas village General view of the picturesque village of Karavas north of the island, considered one of the finest in Kythira, built in the hills with lush vegetation.


mylopotamos village kythira The traditional village houses retain their original color, in an environment of sources, streams and lush vegetation make it perhaps the most beautiful villages.

Olive grove in Kythira

olive grove kythira The olive grove in image as a piece of the puzzle seems to complement the natural landscape of the island in its entirety find similar images. Olive groves in Kythira compose the physiognomy of the place. Do not forget to see our complete collection Images from Kythira, classified into thematic units, villages, monuments, nature and panorama. Also see sections, Photos beaches Kythira, Photos nature Kythira, Photos monuments Kythira
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