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kythira map
A walk around Kythira, the island of celestial Aphrodite and pure love, a place that worth to visiting anyway!
The map includes tourist route around the island in some of the major attractions, including villages, castles, beaches, natural landscapes. Do not forget to enjoy a fascinating tour around the Kythira in the top places, with only one click!
The map below is not a road map. See here a detailed roadmap with all sights in Kythira, which includes 62 unique sites island, with 6 photos, useful information and documents with 8 Live road maps for each site separately!
Kythira Map Tip!
See a unique tour to Kythera doing around the island with a single click, a tourist route to the best locations in the section locations of Kythera and enjoy!
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  • Vina Pantal July 2, 2012, 14:49

    Kithira, a rare gem among the Greek islands, one must visit to believe it. I visited Kithira first time in 2008 and fell in love with this beautiful island, so clean and peaceful. The beaches are heavenly, clean and inviting. People are honest and friendly, food is superb. I have been going to the island year after year since 2008 and will be doing so in the coming years too!

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