Blazons Museum of Kythira

Permanent exhibition of blazon from Kythira

Inside the magnificent Castle of Chora, in the gunpowder building houses a permanent exhibition blazon Kythira. The summer of 2013 was shaped by the A Byzantine Antiquities, and consists of a collection of 17 blazons of Venetian families (Venieri home), and local islanders (Kasimati home), as well as families of orthodox bishops (Mormori).

The report is based on three modules:
a) Coats of arms of families industries, including coats of arms belonging to the same family with variations in heraldic representation.
b) Coats of arms identity that is identified with specific families without any other variation to the heraldic representation.
c) Coats of arms of families bishops of Kythera as bishop Mormori bearing at the center of the shield embossed murmur fish. This belongs to the category of "speaking", "spake" or "obvious" escutcheons, because the emblem bearing resembles ve surname of the holder.

The crest is a symbolic representation mainly in stone or marble, rarely wood, which placed the noble families, usually more than their house central port to give a dose of glamor to their family.
Use heraldry dates to the years of feudalism in Western Europe to distinguish combatants in the fighting between them and chivalrous games. Then, in the 15th century. and 16th century. with stamped ratified or decorate judicial or other official documents.

In Kythera, their use was introduced with the arrival of the Venetians (13th c.), Habit adopted by their Kythira, showing the harmonious coexistence between social.
The coat of arms is complex and consists of several elements. Most importantly, the coat of arms in the shape of the shield, bearing emvlimata- shows symbolically the origin, the virtues and the historical accomplishments of interests. From the most famous emblems heraldry of Greece and Kythera is the winged lion of St. Mark, known emblem of the Venetian Republic, which testifies to the long presence of the Venetians. Usually depicted holding in his left hand open the gospel, thus indicating that the building that bore the coat of arms was built in peacetime (eg Venier).

In blazon Museum temporarily filoxeneito the "Lion of Kythera" archaic, now relocated to the Archaeological Museum of Kythira, where it belongs.

The Museum exhibits, bilingual explanatory signs and brochures, offers visitors the opportunity to discover the past of the region, through the integration of the historical, social and folklore of our island.

General Information
      Location: Chora - castle.
      People with disabilities: Yes.
      Roads: Asphalt.
      Parking: Yes.

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