Beach Fyri Ammos


Blue Flag awarded

The beach Fyri Ammos located in the eastern and central part in Kythira and is one of the longest beaches on the island. In the past has received the award of a blue flag for its clean waters. It consists of fine reddish pebbles and sand. Access if navigating through the northern part of the island is from the Livadi, and if directed from the Kapsalis through Kalamos. The road to the beach is asphalt and cement in some parts and dirt road, at the entrance of beach there is car park. The Fyri Ammos during summer have basic organization in a part of.

General Information
Location: Fyri ammos.
Size: Large.
Organizing: Yes.
Road network: Asphalt, gravel road.
Parking: Yes.

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The graphic village Fratsia located in the center of the island, has a tradition of livestock farming.