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For those who have tried it for the first time, become immediately life experience and continue to enjoy it with greater passion forever. There is a random sport on children and adults to become increasingly popular especially in what a country like Greece with endless beaches and beautiful bottom. It's really hard to say in words the feeling of absolute freedom that one feels from suspension in the water, combined with the magnificent natural environment of the deep, and the discovery of unique landscapes that captivate the eye and soul, make the dive premier summer sport.

Since the summer of 2013 in the picturesque village Kapsali lying south in Kythira, began operating the first diving school on the island, the Kythera Dive Center. Just two meters of water, the shelter is rigged with modern diving equipment, a wonderful beach where you do not even need to walk, just fall into turquoise waters! Reeds for shade, wooden benches for the preparation and your feet washed by the sea.
The Kythera Dive Center combines the beauty of the picturesque Kapsali with spotless standards the world's largest scuba diving training organization PADI, strict control standards and certification BUREAU VERITAS, security DAN, first aid of EFR and environmental sensitivity PROJECT AWARE .
This is a new world thanks to safe standards of PADI, the passion, unconditional love for the sea and to very favorable climatic and geographical conditions are reached in comfort and safety for everyone!
Contact and information mr. Giorgos Lamboglou on +30 694 4314152, also see more on his website Kythera Dive Center

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