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Kythira island

Kythira or otherwise Tsirigo located south of the Peloponnese and northern of western Crete, washed by Myrtoo sea from east, by west from Ionian and Cretan sea from south. An area of ​​2,450 square kilometers and the geography of island is a plateau with mountains, the tallest is Mermigkaris with 550 meters in altitude, rugged coastline, Lagos with lush vegetation and numerous streams that lead to beaches small and large. The island's climate is temperate with mild winters and summer, and relatively high humidity carried by the Ionian Sea, creating favorable conditions for the flora and fauna of the island. The island has recorded or greater variety of herbs in Greece, also based on data of the Ornithological Society is a key staging post for migratory birds on their journey south to warmer climates. The population of Kythira stands at 3,500 residents at the last census of 2011, Kytherians have their main occupation in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and in recent years developing quality tourism services for summer holidays and recreation. The commodities produced by the place is olive oil, thyme honey famous with many international awards for its excellent aroma and flavor, nuts oil in recent years become known in Greece and abroad, semprevives small yellow flowers wilt not ever, Fatourada sweet drink champagne. Also worth mentioning is the excellent taste and great variety of fish from the seas of the island and the unique quality lobster. Also due to its fertile soil and suitable climate are cultivated almost all vegetables, fruits and vegetables are often available in the local market from small producers and farmers in the local bazaars directly to consumers and visitors to the island especially during summer. Kythira has many villages and many of them are traditional, the capital is Chora in the south with many mansions and narrow streets, other interesting villages are Kapsali cosmopolitan with many tourist shops and nightlife, the Potamos in downtown island with the largest number of inhabitants, the Livadi, the traditional Mylopotamos preserved settlement with the Kato Chora, Agia Pelagia with the biggest tourist accommodation infrastructure in the island, as well as traditional villages Aroniadika and Karavas. The island has an extensive road network with most roads are paved, during the summer holiday tourists are good to have means of transport, otherwise in the island will find car rental agencies, taxis and local bus daily along the main road. The main harbor is in Diakofti, flights and ferries from the port of Piraeus from Neapolis and Gythio, from Kastelli of Chania. Also Kythira airport today departs daily by Olympic Airways. The island's history has its roots in the era myth by the birth of Aphrodite and enriched with a wealth of historical monuments from different periods, such as the Minoan peak sanctuary unique in Greece, important Byzantine monuments such as the state's first capital city of Paleochora, the castles of Choras and Mylopotamos important churches like St. Peter's in Araious and St. Demetrios in Pourko, the largest stone bridge in Greece Kantouni in Livadi, and the large marine lantern lighthouse in the north of the island. The beauty of Kythira filled with unique landscapes such as the area in a Myloi or water mills in Mylopotamos which is a leading tourist attraction, the cave of St. Sophia with the frescoes of the 13th century, the canyon of Paleochora, the unique routes in walking paths throughout the island, beautiful beaches, some of them have won awards of Blue Flag for clean waters such as Fyri ammos and Kaki lagada. Not accidentally, the rapid growth of tourism in recent years to Kythera, where the combination of natural beauty with the hospitality and the excellent tourist facilities offer an unforgettable summer vacation visitors. Lets go Kythira this summer for sunny unforgettable holidays!
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